--- 23 June 2016 ---


The STEAK Project

Is there funding for the project?


The project is funded via the SoftwareCampus. Funding period is 2016-01-01 until 2016-12-31.

Are the STEAK-modifications going to merged back to Asterisk?

We hope so.

It is the only option to maintain the project outcome beyond 2016-12-31.

Who came up with the idea to name the project “STEAK”?

An acronym generator… and we were keen on a fancy project name.

The Demo

Which webbrowser are supported for the demo?

Thanks for asking.

We can only support Google Chrome and Chromium. Although WebRTC is already some years old, it is not yet stable. the issue is that the major webbrowser do not provide the same feature set (for example rtcpeerconnection) and furthermore behave differently.

We just do not have the (spare) time for this.

Can I use the demo system for my daily life?

Please don’t.

Just keep in mind that this system is not production-ready. It is neither especially secured nor can we guarantee its availability.

In fact, we use pretty old hardware: might fail at any moment.

The demo system is offline. When is going to be online again?

Don’t know.

Depends on the reason it is offline.

How can I report an issue with demo?

Sorry hearing about this.

Please verify that this is not an issue with:

If your issue persists please contact create a bug report (https://github.com/steakconferencing/) or contact us directly (see About).

The Website

Why does the website looks weird in my webbrowser?

Most likely your webbrowser does not support HTML5 with CSS3 and SVG.

The videos are coded in H.264.

Who came up with the style of the website?

The style of the webpage is based upon a template called HYDE.

We just changed some things.