--- 27 February 2017 ---

: The End

On the 25th February 2017, the last commit from the STEAK project was merged into Asterisk upstream (master) and should be included in the upcoming release of Asterisk 15.

That’s it - the STEAK project is now finished.

Just one thing is still (and will probably remain) missing: by default Asterisk does not provide an audio codec that supports multi-channel audio transmission. For the STEAK project, we extended the open-source Asterisk driver for OPUS.

This driver can be found here.

To enable 3D-Audio for Asterisk using our OPUS driver:

git clone http://gerrit.asterisk.org/asterisk
git clone  https://github.com/SteakConferencing/asterisk-opus

cp asterisk-opus/codec/* asterisk/codec


make menuconfig
#Enable "Bridging modules"/binaural_rendering_in_bridge_softmix
#Enable "Codec Translators"/codec_opus_open_source
#Disable "Channel Drivers"/chan_sip


Tested with Asterisk (comit-id 00d1c7ddd28557aa845c3522956852a60310df96).

The end.